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donnie joe’s American Swing; Photo shoot with JessyZee Creative

Back in early January DJAS performed as a quartet in Cardiff’s newest club to join the Speak-easy/hi-end cocktail trade, The Dead Canary. The club is brand new and creating a real buzz around Cardiff about itself via Social Media.

One way it's done this was to get the fabulous Jessy Zee of Jessy Zee Creative in most nights to take photos of all the guests. She has a great eye and a unique way of processing the photos she takes to make them easily identifiable as one of her snaps.

After the gig, I noticed her pictures from the night across social media and was very impressed with how they came out, so I asked her if she would be interested in snapping some photos of the band.

One of my favourite shots I have of the original quartet is of us performing in an old Victorian gazebo from the Cardiff Country Fair in 2014. So My idea was to have her take some shots of the band set and performing in such a live setting, and a few weeks ago, that is exactly what we did.

We set a date, the band dressed up, setup at the large Victorian gazebo in Victoria park in Cardiff. We performed for about an hour or so while Jessy took some shots of us.

It was quite a crazy Sunday for photos. The weather couldn’t be more questionable with reports saying torrential rain expected for most of the day. In fact there was a meant to be a small window of sun between 11 and 1. At one it nearly hailed for about 10 minutes, then bright sun breaks.

Yet we persevered and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We came away with some great shots of the band looking good. . Thanks JessyZee Creative. We’ll definitely want you to snap the shot for the cover of our album ‘We Take On The Town’ that we are recording later in the year.

Here are a few samples from the day.

#bandphotos #SwingBand #JazzBand #VictoriaPark

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