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Back in the studio recording the next release: We Take On The Town

In April we went back into the JunkYard Studios to record our next release, We Take On The Town. This will feature the 6 piece band. I’ve taken the title from the song I heard from the Arbor All Stars album that inspired me last year to add a fiddle to the group and invite Heulwen into the fold.

However after a day of recording and capturing 18 tracks, I’ve realised there is too much music for one release. So it’ll have to be 2 records. Through the initial mixing process there is something else that has become quite apparent. It is the flavours of the tracks we’ve recorded. There is a batch that classic mainstream swing tunes and ballads, and yet another set of tunes that is more Swing Dance and Lindy Hop. So we’ve gone back into the studio again for a half a day to record 4 more tracks and complete our 2 album set.

12 tracks from these sessions will be on our collection of tracks for Lindy Hop dancing we’ve decided to call; Rhythm Is Our Business.

10 tracks from these session will be on our collection of mainstream swing tunes and ballads we’ve decided to call; We Take On The Town.

These will come out once we’ve completed the post production process: final mixing, mastering, artwork, music licensing, digital distribution and CD printing.

Hopefully that will be later in the year, possibly in the fall.

Here are some pictures from the 2 sessions.

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