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Black Mountain Jazz: Wall2Wall Festival presents donnie joe’s American Swing

This past Sunday we were up early with the sun to make the trip from Cardiff up to Abergavenny to perform at Wall2Wall Jazz Festival. The Wall2Wall Jazz Festival is put on by Black Mountain Jazz the first weekend of September each year, This festival is 3 years old and has grown each year adding venues and inviting bands from throughout the UK. There are ticketed events, workshops, and free events throughout Abergavenny over the 4 days of the festival.

This past Sunday was a glorious day, with sunny, blue skies making the drive up to the picturesque Abergavenny all the more enjoyable.

We had a blast performing at the Kings Arms at noon. You can check out a review from ’The Jazz Man’ about all of the great acts that performed on the Sunday. I have also added a short hi-light, compilation reel here as well.

#SwingBand #JazzBand #Abergavenny #BlackMountainJazz #Wall2WallFestival #JazzFestival

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