donnie joe’s American Swing is growing again while the monthly residency moves to Dempseys: The Four

Just a brief update from the monthly residency front. After 2 years or so of performing on the 1st Monday of each month at the CafeJazz, donnie joe’s American Swing is moving our Monday night spot up the road to Dempseys. Dempseys is the home of The Four Bars Inn, and from Monday the 5th of October donnie joe’s American Swing will be there on the first Monday of each month.

This isn’t the only news for the band. In September we invited a Fiddle player to come down and sit in with the band. This was after some inspiration I had after listening to The Arbors All Stars great swing album ‘Pizzarelli Party’ which uses the unique instrumentation of Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums with Saxophone and Jazz Fiddle.

Our mystery guest was the wonderful Heulwen Thomas. Heulwen Thomas is a fantastically, virtuosic Jazz, Gypsy and Folk Fiddle player who is well known as such in Cardiff and throughout South Wales. We’ve asked her to join our ranks and she’s agreed to throw her lot in with our swing outfit.

Our first big outing will be in Porthcawl in November. We will be returning to the Stage Door Club downstairs at the Grand Pavilion as a 6 piece band. I better go and get arranging, as I have about 50 charts in the repertoire update and a few more to write as well.

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