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Jazz Suppers @ Arboreal, Cowbridge with donnie joe’s American Swing

I thought I would take a moment to write about a couple of recent performances from donnie joe’s American Swing in the trio format. We’ve recently featured at Arboreal in Cowbridge as part of a Jazz Supper last month and again this past week as part of a Swing Christmas night.

Arboreal is a lovely family run bistro. The sister and brother team of Sam & Bud pride themselves on not just offering the finest food, wines, and cocktails in the most welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, but in providing genuine service.

The trio sees me accompanied by piano and double bass which provides just the write ambiance for folks to enjoy a meal, some drinks, and conversation with friends and family alike in this cozy environment. When the time is right, and the desserts, coffees and cocktails come out, the trio can step it up to provide a sophisticated swinging set. As it was at The White Horse Inn, Llandeilo, we were able to reach into our repertoire and perform some of our favourite swing and jazz Christmas hits at the latter performance.

All in all; lovely food, inviting atmosphere, and swinging music, three great things worth sharing with good company.

#ChristmasSongs #JazzTrio #SwingTrio #JazzSupper #Arboreal

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