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Preservation Jazz Society presents donnie joe’s American Swing (quintet) @ Cafe Jazz, Cardiff

It is exciting times in 2015 for donnie joe’s American Swing. We recently invited Alto Saxophonist Tamasin Reardon to sit in with the band at an impromptu gig over the Christmas period. The lyrical, 'Desmondesque’ protege fit in nicely and obliged us after an offer to join the ranks of our swing outfit. Thanks to the quiet times every musician is accustomed to in early January, I was able to retrofit the repertoire to include parts for the Alto Sax.

The last Tuesday of January afforded us our 1st outing as a quintet at the Cafe Jazz. Tuesday nights are the home of the Preservation Jazz Society which has been putting on gigs in Cardiff for nearly 30 years. They always get a full house on Tuesday nights as the audience has grown accustomed to high quality Traditional, New Orleans, & Swings acts invited to perform by PJS.

We had a great time as always performing and thanks to Paul Dunleavy we have this video to share of us performing the classic, witty swing number, ’The Best Man’.

#JazzBand #SwingBand #CafeJazz #PreservationJazzSociety #AltoSax #TheBestMan #Video

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