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Brecon Fringe/Jazz Weekend 2014: donnie joe’s American Swing @ The Brecon Rugby Club

Admittedly I left it a bit late, but with only 2 weeks to go, I contacted the organisers of the Brecon Fringe/Jazz Festival to see what performance slots if any might be available for donnie joe’s American Swing. Sadly there were none, but Nigel Evans recommended putting a call into Sharon at the Brecon Rugby Club just to be sure.

After a brief conversation with the club manager Sharon, I learned there were none, but she thought why not make a new spot on Sunday Evening from between 8 -11. In previous years the club have used their large function room for the performing live acts. Proceedings on Sundays usually had finished at 7:30pm.

This year however, we arrived ready to swing, and setup not in the function room but in the front bar. It was a perfect setting with a lit fire place which created a cozy inviting atmosphere on what turned out to be a rainy Sunday afternoon into the evening. The patrons at the Rugby Club really enjoyed our set of swing music. Sharon was very pleased and invited us to return in 2015 for a repeat of what turned into a wonderful impromptu evening.

#BreconJazz #JazzBand #SwingBand #JazzFestival #BreconRugbyClub

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